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      Design Leads The Manufacturing

      Furen Home Tech regards exploring ultimate potential of modern design and live of fashion as its commitment. Ushering a new era of manufacturing-for-fashion with massive texture of natural element and creative design technique.

      Design Leads The Fashion

      Designing a decorative board is about the crash of elements, application of colours and creation of space harmony. Furen Home Tech persists sincere attitude upon its work on decorative board designs, with consistent researches; mastering current popularity; and deep collaboration with outstanding designers in worldwide, Furen Home Technology presents fascinating decorative board for ideal fashion.

    • About Us

      About Us

      Fujian Furen Home Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-end decorative brand with the core of professional production of decorative wood-based panel. We adhere to the path of brand development, emphasize design leading manufacturing, make high-quality and high positioning products, and strive to enrich the concept of "design fashion" and extend its meaning, and establish a comprehensive solution for the use of decorative boards to provide services for high-end furniture brands.

      Brand Positioning

      Furen Home Tech, since its inception, has shouldered the industry's mission. Starting from fashion, we adhere to the brand development path, emphasize design leading manufacturing, and make high-quality and high positioning products. We always take "design" as the fundamental driving force, and advocate the use of design to promote development. In addition, we also position ourselves as the first innovator in the industry, committed to constantly enrich the concept of "design fashion" and extend its meaning. In the future, all walks of life will have our ideas. This is our vision.

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      Brand Advantage


      Italian texture design +Schattdecor /INTERPRINT printing technology + European leading plate manufacturer
      Texture design created from collaborated Italian designers
      Printing job done by Schattdecor /INTERPRINT printing technology
      Complement plates are developed by leading plate manufacturers in Italy and Germany.

    Maurizio Burrato
    Country: Italy
    Assigned as general designer for multiple
    European panel manufacturing enterprises, has extreme sense of wooden texture designs.
    Country: Germany
    Assigned as general designer of well-known Germany décor paper manufacturer for decades, mastering the boundary between colours.
    Devotes in décor design for more than ten years, conducts perennial décor developing work for several Italian leading furniture manufacturers.